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Want to see Beijing for the first time?
Want to see a different Beijing that can't be found in the tour books?
At Jasmine Beijing we pride ourselves on attention to detail and offering you and your party a seamless experience of Beijing. Your time is precious, and we make sure every moment count towards an unforgettable memory

We offer our knowledge of Beijing, our tried-and-tested partnerships, to promise you an unbeatable Beijing experience with complete attention to your requests and preferences.

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How we suit you

  • We can book you in for your private tour of Beijing tomorrow.
    So if you're having second thoughts about doing it all yourself, give us a call.

  • It's your trip.
    We'll make suggestions, but the choice is yours.
    This is your holiday, and will reflect your personal interests.

    What we can offer

    • Veteran guides.
      The experience, the history, and maximising your enjoyment of Beijing's sights, sounds and tastes. With you whenever you need, your guide ensures you make the most of the limited time that you have, without making it feel like you're in a hurry.
    • Experienced Drivers, vehicles kept in excellent condition and for any size of party.
      All drivers are safe, experienced, courteous, helpful and know Beijing.
      Found a place in Lonely Planet that might be worth a look? A friend recommended a restaurant but said it might be a little hard to find? Show the driver the address and you'll be there, via the quickest possible route.
    • Extensive behind the scenes support.
      From arranging a unique, catered itinerary suited just for you, to working our magic on making a special request happen. Tried-and-tested recommendations from a visitor's perspective for sites, museums, restaurants, galleries, and everything in between.
      Travel books and websites are already out of date before publication, and we make sure that fact does not affect your trip.
    • Contacts, interpreters, secretaries and assistants for business
      With excellent connections to the local business community through our events we can furnish you with the contacts and tools you need to make your business work in China. contact us to know which fields of business we currently have contacts within.
Typical rates until Oct 2012

Passat class
+ driver + guide:
Starting from 1800rmb / day

Buick class
+ driver + guide:
Starting from 2200rmb / day

Audi class
+ driver + guide:
Starting from 3700rmb / day

Mercedes class
+ driver + guide:
Starting from 5500rmb / day

VW Passat for parties of 2 adults and 1 child

Buick GL8 for parties of up to 5 adults.

Ready-made tours

At Jasmine Beijing we enjoy the challenge of creating a unique experience just for you.
These are a few commonly-requested tours for ideas.
  1. The First Time - 2-3 days
    • Tiananmen Square
    • The Forbidden city
    • Beihai Park
    • The Great Wall
    • The Temple of Heaven
    • Beijing Roast Duck

    Suits you if:
    You need to see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. You're happy to visit a few attractions you've never heard of, as well, but you want to take it easy. You'd like to try a few famous Beijing dishes, but nothing too adventurous.

  2. The Art Tour - 1-2 days
    • 798 galleries
    • Caochangdi galleries
    • Greater Dashanzi area

    Suits you if:
    You've heard a lot about the northern China art scene and would like to see for yourself first hand. You might be interested in buying a piece or two, but it's much more about discovering the scene and understanding modern China through its artistic expression.

  3. Beijing Revisited - 2-7 days
    • Western Beijing

    Suits you if:
    You've been to Beijing before, you've seen the sights (or live here permanently). You don't want to be surrounded by tourists and just the thought of visiting the forbidden city again makes you feel a bit ill.
    Not a problem. There's much more to Beijing and it's nearby towns and villages that still isn't on the typical tour route. Aside from visiting the places you missed last time, have a look at several towns, villages and staggeringly beautiful temples, only an hour's drive west of Beijing, where the architecture has remained in place since the Ming dynasty and is practically free of big tour groups. Well worth a look.

The First Time

Tiananmen Square

The Forbidden City

The Great Wall

Beihai Park

The Temple of Heaven

The Art Tour

CaoChangDi Art Community

Beijing Revisited

TanZhe temple, West of Beijing

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