Relocation Services

  •  Have quality hotels of any budget booked for your initial stay, all available at discounted rates.

  •  Have a selection of apartments picked out for you, fitting exactly what you asked for in advance and available for viewing in a minimal amount of time.

  •  Be collected at the airport by an experienced driver waiting with your name and your company's logo on a sign.

  •  Flying in from a different country, culture and city, streamline your relocation with our complete orientation service.

  •  Enjoy your stay in Beijing!
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Beijing is fast becoming a city where those from abroad can find little difference from the life to which you've grown accustomed.

Yet, if you're planning to work in Beijing, or to use China's capital as a base for forays into second and third-tier cities, it's essential to make sure that you're comfortable, that you have the best deal for housing in a central location, that you know how to get around and that you know where to find information and stay updated.

What is Complete Orientation Service (COS)?

Our orientation package doesn't just show you where the local shop is and say goodbye.

We take the time to understand who you (and your family) are. What are your hobbies? Is there (for example) an English-speaking amateur fencing club in Beijing? Which are the best international schools? Should I consider a local school? How do I read street addresses? What's the best way to get around? Where could I take part-time Chinese classes? If my partner is at work and the children are at school what is there to do in Beijing?

There are a million questions that you have. We try our very best to give you all the answers, and are on call to answer those questions for the duration of your stay.
  •  1-2 day orientation with consultant, guidance and putting you on the right track
  •  1 week helpline and go-for service
  •  Answer hotline for duration of stay
  •  Magazines, maps, sim cards, transport cards, home delivery menu, school brochures etc.
  •  Tour of local area: shops with imported goods nearby, where to take a taxi from, etc.
  •  Registration and help with all necessary paper work

Our starter pack gives you all the tools to get going. We'll even do your first shop for you.

Beijing has several free, English-language expat magazines for directories, classifieds, new openings and events.

A picture of a fairly nice apartment complex, but is there anything within walkable distance nearby?

A rough map of standard of living and convenience in Beijing.


Will I get the housing I want? And how?

We find your accomodation by:
  •  Strictly following your requirements, desires and tastes
  •  Choosing locations that are convenient to you, no matter how long it takes to find
  •  Sticking to your budget
  •  Arranging viewing over a minimal span of time for greater efficiency
  •  Using our knowledge of Beijing to choose a location that fits your lifestyle and, as much as we can, the change to your lifestyle you (and your family) will naturally experience.
Our hands may be tied in many situations - Beijing's rental prices have skyrocketed in recent years, and yearly rent has become the norm - but we never compromise on your comfort, convenience or safety.
More so than many other cities, location is everything in Beijing.
Fraser Suites
Fraser Residences
Kerry Centre
Riverside Baroque
In Guomao (central CBD).
20,000 RMB/month
In Guomao (central CBD).
20,000 RMB/month
In Guomao (central CBD).
20,000 RMB/month
In Dawanglu (east CBD).
20,000 RMB/month
Sanyuan Qiao
15,000-46,500 RMB/month
In Guomao (central CBD)
20,000 RMB/month
Dongda Qiao (between Sanlitun and CBD)
18,000 RMB/month

How else will you help me?

We make sure that you have everything you need all in one place. We believe this makes things a lot easier and cheaper.
Our complete package also includes:
  •  Airport collection (x2)
  •  Discounted tour of Beijing of up to three days.
  •  Free entry to many of our regular events
  •  Regular personalised newsletters

No waiting, no black cabs, no need to hope the address is written correctly, no need for currency. Enjoy the last leg of a long journey with a degree of certainty.

Where do I start?

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